Using WhatsApp for Quran Recitation

Using WhatsApp for Quran Recitation

Using WhatsApp for Qurʾān Recitation


What is the ruling on using WhatsApp groups to facilitate the recitation of the entire Qurʾān on a periodical basis? There is no compulsion, it is voluntary and the sole purpose is to encourage each other to recite the Qurʾān and make appropriate use of social media.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم


It is permissible to use social media for good causes such as the recitation of the Qurʾān as long as the means is not regarded as an objective in itself, the organising method is not regarded Sunnah or necessary, users do not feel obliged, and the rules of Shariah are not violated, for example interaction with non-Maḥrams and the use of selfies and photos. The recitation of the Qurʾān is not dependent on WhatsApp, nevertheless, if social media can act as a means of encouragement, there is no harm in this subject to the conditions mentioned above.

Note: Many people waste a lot of time on social media and in particular WhatsApp whilst some others use it in violation of Islamic rules. Our general advice is to make minimal use of social media, and where necessary to use it in a responsible manner for the propagation of Islam and good causes. Only share information that is verified to be correct and authentic by scholars.

قال النبي صلی الله علیه وسلم: من دل علی خیر فله مثل أجر فاعله، رواه مسلم (۱۸۹۳). وقال النبي صلی الله علیه وسلم في كتابه إلی هرقل: أسلم تسلم یؤتك الله أجرك مرتین، فإن تولیت فإن علیك اثم الأریسیین، الحدیث، رواه البخاري (۷). وقال النبي صلی الله علیه وسلم: من سن في الإسلام سنة حسنة فله أجرها وأجر من عمل بها بعده من غیر أن ینقص من أجورهم شیئا، ومن سن في الإسلام سنة سیئة كان علیه وزرها ووزر من عمل بها من بعده من غیر أن ینقص من أوزارهم شيء، رواه مسلم (۱۰۱۷). وقال رسول الله صلی الله علیه وسلم: من أحدث في أمرنا هذا ما لیس فیه فهو رد، رواه البخاري (۲٦۹۷)۔

Allah knows best

Yusuf Shabbir

1 Rajab 1440 / 7 March 2019

Approved by: Mufti Shabbir Ahmed and Mufti Muhammad Tahir