Women Wear the Veil because it says so in the Quran

Women Wear the Veil because it says so in the Quran

Those who wear the veil are doing it for religious NOT cultural reasons says a Muslim organisation.

The Lancashire Council of Mosques today released a statement which included a passage from the Quran which they said would clarify the issue after recent debates.

The statement is signed by 50 local scholars and community representatives.

It reads ‘Lancashire Council of Mosques would like to provide guidance and clarification, in order to dispel the stereotypes and myths that exist, and promote greater understanding, security and cohesion.

‘Islam places great emphasis on dressing modestly. The Almighty says in the Holy Qur’aan, “O Prophet! Ask…(believing) women…to draw their cloaks (Jilbâb) all over their bodies” (33:59).

‘One of the great wisdoms of the Islamic faith is the ability for Muslims to differ in their interpretation whilst remaining adherent to the same central tenets of the faith. Many Muslims believe the veil to be an integral part of their faith.

‘A particular and legitimate interpretation of Jilbâb referred to in the cited Quranic verse, is to cover and conceal the whole body (including the face) in such a way that the figure of the body does not show.

‘The practice of female companions covering their faces is also supported in various prophetic traditions.

For the women who choose to wear the veil it is most definitely an Islamic and religious matter that is grounded in the Holy Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) and not merely a cultural issue, as some commentators would have.”

The statement goes on to say women who wear the veil should not be vilified for their actions.

It added, ‘It is important to note that the women who choose to wear the veil are normal human beings; individuals in their own right, as well as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, colleagues and much more.

‘They are law-abiding and peaceful individuals who love their faith and are loyal citizens of our country. ‘For these women, the wearing of the veil actually allows them to play a fulfilling and active role in the community, something they would otherwise find more difficult ‘The veil is an intensely personal choice for many Muslim women who consider this to be an important tenet of their faith. ‘Just as it is completely unjustified to coerce women to wear the veil, it would be wholly wrong to curb their religious freedoms. ‘Similarly the use of language that may encourage prejudice against, and persecution of, women who choose to wear the veil is tantamount to the incitement of religious hatred, and serves to spread discord and disunity between our communities.

‘The wearing of the veil is a key expression and means of adhering to the Islamic faith, and, we thereby request all to take this into account and respect the choice of women who choose to adopt this dress code.’

The Signatories are: 1. Mrs. Bano Murtaja – Strategic Director for Women, Lancashire Council of Mosques. 2.Maulana Nasrullah Anwar – Director, Lancashire Council of Mosques. 3. Mrs. Shireen Mangera-Badat – Deputy Headteacher, Masjid-e-Saliheen, Preston. 4.Mr. Abdul Hamid Qureshi – Chairman, Masjid Ibrahim, Burnley. 5.Mrs. Latifa Patel – Senior Administrator, Lancashire Council of Mosques.

6.Mr. Mustafa Desai – Governor, Islamiya School, Blackburn. 7.Maulana Ahmed Sidat – Chairman, Jame Masjid, Blackburn. 8.Mrs. Maria Ahmed – Lancashire KeyWorker, HHUGS (Helping Households Under Great Stress). 9.Mufti Abdul Hamid Patel – Principal, Tauheedul Islam Girls High School, Blackburn. 10.Mrs. Faatima Patel – Principal, Madrasah Islamiyah Islamic Studies Faculty, Blackburn.

11.Mufti Vasiyyullah Bhayat – Chaplain, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. 12.Cllr Salim Mulla – Treasurer, Ethnic Minority Development Association, Blackburn. 13.Mrs. Shamima Adam – Sisters Programmes Co-ordinator, Masjid-e- Anisul Islam, Blackburn. 14.Mufti Mohammad Ali Falahi – Senior Imam, Masjid-e- Anisul Islam, Blackburn. 15.Maulana Hanif Dudhwala – Executive Member, Madrasah Anisul Islam, Blackburn.

16.Mrs. Shahin Karmali – Director of Women’s Department, Madrasah Anisul Islam, Blackburn. 17.Cllr Taalib Shamsuddin – St George’s Ward, Preston. 18.Mrs. Fatima Patel – Parenting Consultant. Lancashire Council of Mosques. 19.Maulana Yusuf Shabbir – Vice Chair, Blackburn Muslim Association. 20.Mrs. Nasimbanu Patel – Programmes Co-ordinator, Blackburn Muslim Association, Blackburn.

21.Maulana Rafiq Sufi – Principal, Muslim Youth Centre, Blackburn. 22.Miss Safeeyah Raja – Head of Senior Girls Department – Muslim Youth Centre, Blackburn. 23.Mrs. Ruwaida Ibrahim – Senior Teacher, Masjid e Falah, Preston. 24.Mrs. Kulsum Ahmed – Pastoral Director, Masjid Mumineen, Blackburn. 25.Maulana Mohammed Farook Kazi – Chair, Al-Ansaar Welfare & Education, Preston.

26.Mrs Safia Khatoon – RTB Coordinator, Lancashire Council of Mosques. 27.Maulana Mohammed Tayyab Sidat – Director, Inter Madrassah Organisation. 28.Mufti Abdul Haq – Head Teacher, Idara Rawdhatul Uloom, Blackburn. 29.Mrs. Fatima Rawat – Deputy Head Teacher, Masjid Bilaal, Blackburn.

30.Mrs. Fatima Salim – Executive Director for Women and Youth, Jamia Masjid, Blackburn. 31.Maulana Sajid Irshad – Imam, Masjid Farooqe Azam, Burnley. 32.Mr. Saleem Seedat – Co-Chair, Connect Blackburn. 33.Mrs. Farhana Asrar – Executive Member, Anwaarul Shabab, Blackburn. 34.Mrs. Nurjaha Mustak – Counseling Therapist, Blackburn. 35.Maulana Elyas Desai – Senior Imam, Maahadus Shuhada Mosque, Preston.

36.Mufti Ashraf Sidat – Principal, Madrassa Noorul Islam, Blackburn. 37.Mrs. Hajra Umar, Curriculum Director, Masjid -e- Irfan, Blackburn. 38.Maulana Imtiaz Kamal – Imam, Masjid-e-Saliheen, Preston. 39.Mufti Javid Pathan – Principal, Preston Muslim Girls High School. 40.Miss Khadija Nakhuda – Secretary, Sisters4Sisters, Preston.

41.Mrs. Atika Ahmed – Co-ordinator Sister’s Group, Madrasah Hidayatul Islam, Blackburn. 42.Mrs. Shakera Patel – Head of Womens Group, Hidayatul Banat, Blackburn. 43.Maulana Adbulmaajid Momaya – Imam, Masjid e Hidayah, Blackburn. 44.Mr. Kamruddin Kothia – Vice President, Masjid e Tauheedul Islam, Blackburn. 45.Mufti Adam Ismail – Imam, Masjid Quwwatul Islam, Preston.

46.Mrs. Khadija Valimulla – Designer, Al-Muzzammil, Blackburn. 47.Mrs Hajra Desai – Vice-chair, Sisters4Sisters, Preston. 48.Maulana Zia – Deputy Head Teacher, Al-Asr Primary School, Blackburn. 49.Mrs. Sajida Patel, Assistant Principal, Masjid Taleemul Islam, Blackburn. 50.Mrs. Sana Ismail – Head of Counselling Support, Tauheedul Islam Girls High School, Blackburn.

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