Should Masjids remain open or close from 5 November?

Should Masjids remain open or close from 5 November?

Should Masjids remain open or close from 5 November?


The UK Government has announced that all places of worship must close from 5 November 2020 for congregational worship and granted an exemption for individual worship, funerals and some essential services. As congregational worship will not be permitted in the usual organised manner, should Masjids remain open or close until the restrictions are relaxed?

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم


If congregational worship is not permitted in places of worship, Masjids must continue to remain open throughout the day as usual, enabling individuals to visit the Masjid, perform Ṣalāh and worship Allah Almighty. Masjids are the houses of Allah and individuals should not be prevented from visiting them when it is legal to do so.

This issue was highlighted in an earlier answer which states, “ Whilst the primary function of the Masjid includes congregational Ṣalāh, the Masjid can be used for individual worship including Ṣalāh, the remembrance of Allah, the recitation of the Quran and supplicating to Allah. The Prophet ﷺ described the purpose of Masjids in a ḥadīth, “They are for the remembrance of Allah, Ṣalāh, and the recitation of the Quran” (Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim, 285).”

The answer further states, “The importance of remaining attached with the Masjid cannot be stressed enough. The Prophet ﷺ mentions that a person whose heart is attached to the Masjid will be granted shade by Allah Almighty in the hereafter (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī, 660). Another ḥadīth mentions that when a person has a habit of visiting the Masjid regularly, we should bear witness to his faith (Sunan al-Tirmidhī, 3093)”.

Therefore, there is no justification to close the Masjids. Masjids must remain open and individuals should be strongly encouraged to keep them populated and worship Allah Almighty therein.

Allah knows best

Yusuf Shabbir

18 Rabīʿ al-Awwal 1442 / 4 November 2020

Approved by: Mufti Shabbir Ahmed and Mufti Muhammad Tahir