Dehydration and breaking fast

Dehydration and breaking fast

Dehydration and breaking fast


I was fasting and went to play for a league cricket match. I started feeling very tired and dehydrated to the point that I got a severe headache and had to break my fast. I am feeling a lot of guilt inside me. What is the kaffārah for this and how do I seek repentance?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم


It is necessary to make qaḍāʾ of the fast. However, there is no kaffārah.

If a person knows that playing a sport will result in breaking the fast, he must avoid the sport whilst fasting.

قال ابن مازۃ في المحیط البرهاني (۲: ۳۹۱): المريض إذا خاف على نفسه التلف أو ذهاب عضو منه يفطر بالإجماع، وإن خاف زيادة العلة وامتداده فكذلك عندنا، وعليه القضاء إذا أفطر لقوله تعالى: ومن كان مريضا أو على سفر فعدة من أيام أخر۔

Allah knows best

Yusuf Shabbir

9 Dhū al-Qaʿdah 1438 / 2 August 2017

Approved by: Mufti Shabbir Ahmad and Mufti Muhammad Tahir