Eastern Ghouta: ‘Lights, Camera, Action’

Eastern Ghouta: ‘Lights, Camera, Action’

Eastern Ghouta: ‘Lights, Camera, Action’

Is not the world just like a movie?

Having watched the last act, which was set in Burma, of the genocide of the Rohingya Muslims, the scene has now switched back to Syria.  The previous scene from Syria was set in Aleppo, however we now find ourselves in Eastern Ghouta.  The scenes change like the seasons from Burma, Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, however the victims are always the same – the Muslims.  Nevertheless, this far fetched storyline always manages to portray the Muslims as the terrorists and their oppressors as the ‘heroes‘ who are fighting for ‘freedom’.

Act upon act, this movie is so predictable, that those watching have become tired in its monotony.  They now know the script like the back of their hands.  Just like in Aleppo, Homs and Daraya – the regime will lay siege and starve the inhabitants of the enclave.  Then they bomb it to kingdom come – caring not if their targets are homes, shops, hospitals, markets, schools or even mosques.  In fact, even babies in incubators are legitimate terrorist targets.  The UN then try to invent newer and harder hitting superlatives to describe the atrocities, but then ultimately do nothing.  So called ‘World Leaders’, who ordinarily don’t need any prompting to act as ‘State Leaders’, remain ominously silent.  The culmination of all these shenanigans is usually thousands killed and injured – followed by the ‘evacuation ‘ of survivors to Idlib province.  The Muslim ummah then reset their WhatsApp statuses back to their usual settings and all is then forgotten.

So near but yet so far

We all know that there is only one eventual outcome to this movie, but how we as Muslims wish that we could have an outcome similar to that which would have happened over 1400 years ago.  Then the Muslims had the greatest military leader to ever walk the face of this earth.  Khalid bin Waleed (ra) was given the honorific title of ‘Saifullah’ – the ‘Sword of Allah’ by our beloved Prophet .  The history books bare testimony that Khalid bin Waleed (ra), under the banner of Islam, enforced justice and peace for Muslims facing oppression.  How desperately in need the Ummah are right now for Khalid bin Waleed (ra) – knowing full well that his final resting place is just 150km north of Eastern Ghouta in the city of Homs.

The current situation is of course no movie.  The storyline itself is an absolute reality and a complete nightmare for the 400 thousand Muslim inhabitants of Eastern Ghouta.  Eastern Ghouta is the last standing bastion of hope, resistance and perseverance in Syria.  How honourable, dignified and resolute are our Muslim brothers and sisters who have stood for years in solidarity with the deen of Islam and their trust in their one Allah.  Despite years of a siege and now a barbaric aerial bombardment- they have not succumbed to the regime.  They have chosen to worship their Lord in silent hunger and thirst rather than surrender to the servitude if a tyrant whose palace is a mere stone’s throw away.

It is during severe trials of the Ummah, such as this one, where true brotherhood can be shown and immense rewards can be gained through the pleasure of Allah.  It is surely a blessing of the Almighty that he has given the people of Preston, through the sincere efforts of Moulana Amjad Bapu Saheb, the opportunity to feed the beleaguered Muslims of Eastern Ghouta over the last few months.  There is no measure to the blessings of those who have been fortunate enough to have supported this cause.  For they have fed hungry Muslim families which even the UN have been unable to feed.  We may never know, however for some, it may well have been their final proper meal prior to their martyrdom in the recent bombing onslaught.

As an Ummah it is imperative that we maintain our hope and trust in the Almighty, pray for the wellbeing of the Muslims of Eastern Ghouta, remember them, champion their cause and give in charitable causes.  Finally, we need to take this opportunity to reflect on ourselves and use these opportunities to improve ourselves as Muslims.

May Allah bless all the Muslims who continue to stand against tyranny in Eastern Ghouta.

May Allah grant all the martyrs of Sham the highest abodes in Jannah.

May Allah bless the people of Sham, forgive them their shortcomings and raise from amongst them true Leaders of the Ummah.

May Allah forgive us for our weaknesses, our shortcomings and our woefully inadequate help for the people of Eastern Ghouta and Sham.


Mukhtar ibn Yusuf